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Bonafide Beauty Workshop 4/26/17

Bonafide Beauty Workshop

Bonafide Beauty Workshop


Come join me for a fun evening of advanced makeup techniques! 

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The Bonafide Beauty Workshop is a 2-hour class taught by, Stefani Burket, the owner of The Bonafide Ginger. The class will be held at Hingework in Lancaster PA from 7-9pm on Wednesday, April 26th 2017. 

I see you girl. Trying so hard to get those false lashes on fleek, trying to even out those eyebrows & get that contour that could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money. I also see you giving up after multiple attempts to not glue your eyes shut or have that eyeliner wing touch your temples. You resort to the basics of what you know and keep it there because you've tried and have thrown away the idea of ever elevating that makeup look. Let me help a sister OUT!

During this hands-on advanced class, you will receive tips and application tricks for wearing the perfect everyday soft-contour, easy lash application, advanced makeup brush education, pro eyeliner tricks & much more! Makeup shouldn't be complicated or frustrating and we're going to take the time to make sure you can have the information and techniques needed to confidently take your makeup skills to the next level! We'll have a fun ladies night with light refreshments, drinks & plenty of laughs!

Hope to see you there! 

Price includes:
2-Hour Advanced Beauty Workshop
Goodie tote bag with some of Stefani's favorite beauty must-haves to keep including brushes & makeup products! 

What should I Bring? 
Your gorgeous face, first and foremost (makeup free is best so you have a canvas to play with!)
Your current makeup routine products including foundation, brows, mascara & eyeliner
An elastic to pull your hair up (if needed)

Where should I park?
Hingework is located at 308 W Grant St, Lancaster PA 17603. There isn't quite enough parking at the Hingework studio so I would suggest parking on Mulberry St! Give yourself plenty of time to find parking. Parking after 6pm is free, just be mindful of street signs as tickets will not be reimbursed.