The.Bonafide.Ginger · Stefani Burket




Behind the name, Bonafide Ginger....

bona-fide (adj) - made, done, presented in a real/genuine way.

ginger (noun) - a hot fragrant spice made from the rhizome of a plant.

Okay, so as much as i would like to consider myself a hot and spicy plant, i am a naturally born red-haired & freckled individual. according to south park, otherwise known as a day-walker. 

Hi, I'm Stef. 

Wife & Mother

Pro Hair & Make-Up Artist
Boho-Braid Guru

Starbucks Enthusiast
Glitter Enthusiast

Gryffindor (obvi)

Michael Scott obsessor

Mega Nerd

I am a Professional Licensed Cosmetologist Specializing in Editorial, Bridal Hair & Make up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Braids and Boho-Chic are my major hair attributes that sets apart my work from any other artist in PA. I work with a team of hand-selected individuals that compliment my style. Based off of the size of your wedding, you may be able to meet them!

I am driven by current trends and am constantly updating my kit with the latest & greatest products. One of my major influences is Alexander McQueen. His fashion resonates with how my artistry evolves. With that being said, I carry a wide palette to be able to accommodate someone who rarely ever wears makeup to someone borderline drag queen, (yasssss girl, yas). I also utilize products that are cruelty free, as I am a strong advocate for not testing on animals. 

I would love the opportunity to work with you to create your most beautiful look on your most important day, from current style shifts, to classic vintage, and for the wild at heart. Of course, if you're a boho-braid lover, we've just become best friends. I've been making people feel beautiful for 7+ years and am loving every single minute. Love my Bonafide Brides!